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In this book, based on the study, generalization, personal research and experience of the author, together with Chinese scientists and specialists in the field of land management and cadastres, the issues of the formation of modern land policy and the creation of a state land administration system in the People's Republic of China are outlined. The main attention is paid to the study of the state of the country's land, the formation of land legislation, the peculiarities of state cadastral registration, registration and valuation of land, land management and cadastral activities, measures for planning and organizing the rational use of land and their protection, legal and economic methods of land use regulation. The role and significance of land resources in the large-scale growth of the state's economy is shown and the reserves for further economic development of the PRC are determined by increasing the efficiency of using the land resource potential.
The book presents an analysis of the development of land management education in Russia during the period of special land surveying and completion of general land surveying lands of Russia on the example of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, opened at various government institutions of the country. The organization of their educational, educational and economic life is considered in detail. Special attention authors devote the role of the Konstantinovsky Land Survey Institute in setting the process of theoretical and practical training of land surveying personnel, its methodological, material and staffing. The research is based on a wide range of historical sources, a significant part of which is introduced into scientific circulation for the first time. The book is of interest for further study of the history of land management education in our country and can be used as a teaching aid for undergraduate and graduate students in various specialties and areas of training.
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